Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hair Mineral Analysis

Below are my results from a recently done hair mineral analysis. I can't say I understand it but it did come with some recommendations for supplements.

Hair Mineral Analysis Hair Mineral Analysis Hair Mineral Analysis Hair Mineral Analysis Hair Mineral Analysis

Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to Stop a Migraine Attack

After having struggled with chronic migraines for about 20 year and then sporadic once for the rest of my life, I came up with a way that stops every migraine for me. I just wanted to share this in case it works for anyone else.

One big bath towel
One Shakti mat
One Guitar capo
One Cotton tissue

How to:
1. Roll up the bath towel into a pretty big roll. This will go under your neck. Put it in a bed or on the floor. Wherever you can fall asleep the best. The Towel

2. Put the Shakti mat over the roll so that you can be sure some of the nails will press into the skin of the lower skull.

The Shakti Mat

3. Put the cotton tissue and guitar capo next to you in bed where you can reach it lying on your back.

4. Put on a T-shirt or a tank top, let your upper back and neck be as bare as possible for the nails to contact the skin as much as possible/tolerable. Feel free to cover your legs and upper body with a blanket to avoid getting cold.

5. Lie down on the shakti mat with the roll under your neck. This will hurt but if you have a major migraine attack you will probably only experience it as a relief or as an interesting sensation to distract from the major pain in your head.

6. Lying down, begin to pump the guitar capo on the acupressure point between the thumb and the index finger. Eventually when it gets massaged enough you may be able to fully let the capo sit there on it's own, but this is a LOT of pressure so be careful not to bruise yourself. The pumping is most often the way to go and then I usually take if off when I begin to fall asleep.

The Clamper

7. After about 5 minutes the pain from the nails in the shakti mat will begin to subside and you may fall asleep or slowly feel your migraine melt away. I usually fall asleep and then wake up migraine free about 30 minutes later.

I think it's the combination of endorphine release that the Shakti mat causes and the acupressure point and the release of the neck muscles that all together cause a reversal of whatever mechanisms triggered the migraine. I have tried this method over hundred times and it has never once failed me. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has success or failure with this method? Let me know in the comments! Good luck! Migraines are our enemy! And btw, this Shakti mat is the best help against insomnia too. It's one of the most helpful tools I've ever found in the alternative healthcare jungle.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Free Diving Inspiration

I'm not exactly sure why I'm so fascinated by free diving. I used to spend a lot of my childhood summers under water essentially free-diving myself but in more shallow water. I do remember how fun it was. Me and by then BFF Anna would dive down to the bottom, make a funny face or something then come up to the surface laughing. Then we'd do it again....repeat....

But now as an adult I am drawn to it from the perspective of meditation. It just seems so calming, so focused, and so quiet down there. I am also inspired by the focused work all the divers put into their training. It makes me think "if they can do that, dive that deep, hold their breath for over 4 minutes while using the body so vigorously, then I MUST be able to heal myself. I still firmly believe that all I really need to do is to increase my Control Pause to over 40 seconds and I'll have a decent life quality again.

What these divers do is that they work hard, and continuously to reach their goal. Perhaps I can do the same. Somehow.

I've dug out my old Buteyko notes and have begun my practice again. Hoping that last time around what held me back was the fact that I was on a no carb diet.

I found this old sheet of my morning CP and right now my morning CP is between 8-12 seconds. I realize that I wasn't doing too badly then when I had mornings with a 29 second CP. It's definitely worth pursuing again.

My Morning CP 2010 Only problem may be that now with my two new fake teeth there is a real risk of dental infection. That will prevent the CP from going up but I'll have to cross that bridge later. I believe there are treatments for such infections. I definitely feel angry and bitter about my own decision to widen my upper palate. All it achieved was a major loss of money and now a big risk of infections that I'll have to live with for the rest of my life. But I did take one for the team. I can now say with certainty that widening the upper palate does not help improve CP or any other health issue.

And here we go again. Starting CP: 8 seconds, starting pulse: 80 seconds.

Thank you free-divers for inspiring me!!!

I feel really sad that I stopped doing my Buteyko work with long breath holds. Look at the satistics I reported to my then teacher Ryan Bowie:

Jan, Days over 25: 8, Days over 30: 0

Feb, Days over 25: 2, Days over 30: 0

March, Days over 25: 11, Days over 30: 1

April, Days over 25: 12, Days over 30: 6

May, Days over 25: 12, Days over 30: 2

June, Days over 25: 23, Days over 30: 6

June looks like paradise to me now. This is the last sentence I wrote to my teacher in 2010:

"I'm loosing my faith, and motivation quickly."

It was the "inner witch" that got me, ie the negative mother principle inside. She convinced me that what I was doing was meaningless, in spite of the facts telling me differently, I listened to her. This time around I am much stronger and less inclined to fall prey to her evil ways.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training

I'm right now doing a 200 hour yoga teacher training at Laughing Lotus yoga and should be a certified yoga teacher by the end of the year, fingers crossed.

I wanted to update the below listed blog post I wrote in 2010 about Restorative Yoga. Today I taught my first restorative yoga class as part of my yoga teacher training. I feel so happy and amazing to have come this far. Sadly my health is continuing to deteriorate with thyroid problems and asthma as new arrivals in my life. I look back to 2010 as a time when I was in much better health than I am today.

That being said, I'm still on a path towards healing and the journey is ongoing and I still have hope for myself.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Supplements and Dietary Guidelines Anew

Pretty Pills

I've started taking my many sew supplements. So far so good. No major side effects, just some nausea and stronger heart beat. I also realize that I have to change and heal some of the practical basics of my life. It's going to be tough but I feel that I want to give this treatment the best chance it can get, and the best way to do that must be to reduce stress by creating some more stability and ease in my life.

I take supplements now four times per day and I eat a lot of buckwheat and kefir.

The focus right now is to stop the anti-body attacks on the four most important/severe areas of attack. For me that turned out to be the adrenal cortex, the liver, heart and thyroid. So that's where we begin.

New Diet

Here are some of the new things I now buy for food. I've done a LOT more restrictive diets so this one shouldn't be so difficult. It's plenty yummy and seems to be fairly easy for my body to adjust to. I grind my own buckwheat and make a bread or pancakes from it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blood Work is back!

OK, so here is the verdict. The first test shows what foods I am reacting to. It's not allergies, it's a different process. ie, when I eat something I am reactive to, my body sees it as a foreign substance that needs to be attacked. I don't get a histamine release, I get a release of anti-bodies. So, this increases my overall anti-body load. This creates a situation where I have bored and "hungry" anti-bodies circulating my system looking for the next place to attack my tissue. The goal is to stop consuming the foods that the body is currently reacting to. Perhaps to be reintroduced after treatment is done 2-3 years from now.

Food Reactivity

The second image is of the toxicity load. All humas today have levels of the below tested toxins. The question is how well do our bodies adapt to this new toxic environment? How well is your individual body able to detoxify the below toxins. Any toxin that is not in the first column means the body is not able to sufficiently get rid of the substance.

Toxic load

Last but not least, what organs/cells are currently being attacked by the "bored" anti-bodies? Any organ/cell not in the first column is considered to be under attack. The goal is to take specific natural acids that go after each individual group of anti-bodies to kill of the majority of them in an attempt to stop the auto-immune attack.

For the non-mathematichian layperson "Equovial" means "extremely bad", and "Out of range" means "terrible".

The cells that cause endometriosis are the Spleen related cells. Not sure what they are called. The organs/cells in my "terrible" column, that are under the most severe attack in me are: my detox cells, my adrenal glands, my muscles, my cell membranes, and my clotting cells. The organs/cells that are under "extremely bad" attack are: Brain/energy cells, B12 cells, Thyroid, Heart, Joints, bones, liver, pancreas.

Anti-Body Attacks

Now, I need to eliminate the foods I am reactive to and begin a daily supplement regiment.

This might explains why today's modern humans don't heal from eating an all organic whole foods diet. It should be alarming to everyone, sick or healthy, that we have so many deadly toxins in our bodies. What does it take for us all to become actual environmentalists?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A New Attempt at Healing

So, I'm going for yet another attempt at finding health. It's a chiropractor and homeopath called Dr Gerald Cohen. His office is in Menlo Park, about an hour outside of San Francisco. A friend of mine told me he's amazing, especially in finding out hormonal issues.

Here is his website:

So, I took the long, slow train down to see Dr Cohen and hear what he thinks.

Dr Cohen's waiting room
"Dr Cohen's waiting room"

Dr Cohen told me that there is something called "Necrosis". This happens when a cell becomes damages by injury, toxic exposure, radiation, stress and/or inflammation. There is a great little animation video that describes this process:

Necrosis vs Apoptosis Animation Video

Basically, the theory that doctors at Stanford and Dr Cohen have been working of for a few years is that when necrosis happens these anti-bodies are released and in a healthy person, the body can take up acids from whole foods that kill off the remaining anti-bodies. But in a person with too much toxins, inflammation, poor digestion, etc this process doesn't happen properly. The result is that the blood has all these anti-bodies that are totally bored and who only want to eat and destroy proteins in the blood or other tissue. The result is that the anti-bodies begin to attack other healthy tissue in the body.

The Veranda of Dr Cohen's office
"The Veranda of Dr Cohen's office"

So, first we need to find out what anti-bodies I have that are currently attacking what parts of my body. We also need to find out what potential toxins are in my environment that are causing continually high anti-body counts. Today, due to our poor digestion, high toxin load and potentially also due to GMO's in our food systems, we often times can't handle healthy whole foods anymore. Things like Rye, wheat, dairy and eggs etc that have been consumed by humans for thousands of years, are no longer recognized by our systems as food. We react to some of them and create anti-bodies to try to neutralize what the body sees as a poison. So, it may be that one person eats and egg, and the body reacts to this by creating a new amount of anti-bodies, that the body then can't get rid of. This cycle can be broken by taking the following steps:

1. Find out what foods may be causing a reaction in the system. (Note this is not the same thing as an allergic reaction. It doesn't cause a histamine release, it causes an anti-body production.) Find out what toxins are overwhelming the system. Find out what organs and systems are currently under attack from the active anti-bodies.

2. Lowering the anti-body load. This can be done by removing the source of the toxin or removing the foods from the diet that the body now sees as a poison.

3. Kill off the anti-bodies that have already done their job and who are now attacking healthy tissues in the body. This is done through acids found in natural food supplements. They can be targeted to specific anti-bodies (we find out what they are through a blood test).

4. Work on Tissue Repair.

The whole process takes 2-3 years. One can only do so much at a time. If you do 58 things that are good for the body at the same time, the body only gets confused. So, we can start by taking a fews steps forward, perhaps 5 important changes at a time.

I really wanted to share some photos of the beautiful Victorian house where Dr Cohen works. Having beauty around oneself is probably a key to healing also. I feel that this treatment is the high tech and the old wisdom of common sense together at last.

"The old Victorian bathroom still has it's high bathtub intact."

Dr Cohen said that no matter how much dry skin brushing, Organic whole foods, meditation, chanting, yoga, resting, Qi Gong, massage, Rolfing, stress reduction etc I could have ever done, there is no way I could have healed fully as these anti-bodies were running wild in my body causing so much cell damage. This might be what explains why all the years of hard efforts have failed me at restoring an acceptable level of health. Here's to hoping this will be the key to my healing.

In embarking upon this new journey and I am borrowing money and selling off some of my belongings to be able to pull it off financially. Health Insurance doesn't cover homeopathy, herbal and nutritional support or out of network chiropractic treatments, nor these hight-tech blood tests from Cyrex. If I can restore my health I'll be able to work more and then I'll be able to pay this back easily. If this turns out to be yet another failure, then I'll be the wiser.

I have signed up to be a case study for Dr Cohen so that either way, mine and his efforts won't go to waste.

Open Sesame
The door that is leading me on my new adventure. Hope this road will bring greater health or at least greater knowledge. "Open Sesame"