Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remineralization of Teeth

These images do a decent job of showing how much wider my upper palate has become after using my Homeoblock style dental device for 8 months. They also show how my teeth seem to have remineralized during the last three weeks that I've been following basic RBTI guidelines. I've not been RBTI tested yet I've only followed the simple rules of no meats or sweets after 2 pm and then loosely followed the no food list. (No sea salt, popcorn, nuts (except coconut), chocolate, nutmeg, white potatoes, white rice, tea, shellfish, skinfish, pork, hard seeded berries. Chocolate, Tea, Nutmeg, Nuts, Popcorn, Skinned Fish (ie. tuna, shark, mahi mahi, swordfish, marlin, mackerel, bluefish, catfish, etc.), pepper.) less butter but I still eat some and I still eat high fat sheep yoghurt.

I discovered the other day that my teeth looked a lot whiter, at closer inspection I also noticed that my front teeth looked smoother around the corners. Those corners used to be really sharp and now it's as if the tooth has somehow grown a little, filled itself in with new enamel.

I know the lighting is totally different in the images however you can still see how soft the corners are and how there are no more differences in colors. Note the very low edge of the front teeth, they had a yellow discoloration all my life and it got worse on low carb and now after three weeks of RBTI it's totally gone (that's not due to any lighting trick or anything).

New image of my teeth after the use of a homeoblock style device for 8 months, and after three weeks of RBTI.
Remineralized Teeth

After three years on Bee Wilder's unhealthy low/no carb diet.
Low Carb teeth

On low carb I also developed my first ever cavity and by the end of it I began noticing that my front teeth had grey stripes inside of them from what I guess was some kind of demineralization process. That was too depressing to even take a photo of. It disappeared as soon as I started RRARFing thankfully. But the yellow shading remained and so did the sharp edges that I had considered asking a dentist to fill in with some kind of porcelain. Now it looks like I won't need that.

This image shows the level of demineralization a little better. The stripes of yellow are slightly visible. It was quite a drastic negative result I got from the low carb diet.

Demineralized teeth


Matt Stone said...


Amazing how fast this stuff takes effect. My fingernails are really starting to look awesome too. Kinda a wish I was a woman sometimes haha. I could make 'em all jealous.

ginavoce25 said...

Cool! Have you been doing the big lunch/light dinner thing as well?

Unknown said...

Matt what is the homeoblock style device? I have a narrow upper palate and am interested

Luke said...

During my low-carb/no-carb stint, I sought out all the foods that were supposed to be great for your teeth (fish liver oils, raw pastured butter, raw dairy, bone marrow, fish stock and other animal stocks, kelp, vegetable juice, fish eggs, oysters, liver, kidneys, tons of mineral supplements that covered Ca, Mg, Vit-K and trace minerals) and avoided all those "evil" foods (fruit, grains, starches, processed foods, etc). I ate raw butter by the spoon and made sure to always keep my saliva pH above 7.2, which was supposed to allow remineralization of the enamels. The carries that I developed by eating large amounts of fruit stopped progressing, but my teeth remained somewhat stained and transparent in the tips. And if I ever did eat a few pieces of sour fruit, some sugar, or too much of any acidic food my teeth would immediately become sensitive. I don't doubt that these foods have their place in a healthy diet, but I think the diet must first and foremost function to balance the body's chemistry, otherwise all those nutrients go to waste. And if such foods are consumed in excess and the diet is lacking in other important nutrients, like carbohydrates, as in my case, these "superfoods" can actually throw the body out of balance and do more harm than good.

I'm trying RBTI now. I'm seeing good progress so far.

E said...

Lisa, I wonder if you drink lemon water ?

Matt Stone said...

In RBTI, the only way to keep your saliva pH above 7.2 is to congest the hell out of your liver. The best way to do that is eat more fat than your system can handle.

Lisa E said...

lol, Matt, yes that would make women jealous.... :) And yes it's so far amazing how fast this works. I have also began to see a small change towards weight reduction. FINALLY!!! But it's still too early to tell fully, at least I'm not going up.

ginavoce25, yes massive RRARF style lunch, light dinner.

Luke, I totally did the same thing, took all these expensive, hard to make things (72 hour bone broths etc) that I read were supposed to remineralize me, and yet, it went the entire opposite direction. lol. Low carb is a loosing battle. Sos sorry you had to go through that tough journey too. Fingers crossed RBTI will continue to work for all of us.

E, I haven't started the lemon water yet. I do add some lemon to my tea though.

Lisa E said...

Unknown, the homeoblock device is a type of dental orthodontics/braces that many dentists can put in. Here's a link to the main website for Homeoblock:

They list US dentists that specialize in this type of thing.

undertow said...

I wanted to ask what are you using to brush your teeth? paste? baking soda?

Also was the device you used at night only, like the Homeoblock?

Lisa E said...

undertow, I used to use all kinds of special expencive toothpastes but now I just do whatever kind is cheap from any kind of Whole Foods store. It has some bad things in it but nothing super toxic like regular commercial toothpastes. But I switch around brands. I find it never made any difference what I used before. I'd spend $25 on one toothpast jar and it was madness cause it never improved my teeth at all.

And yes my Homeoblock device was only used during the night. Also, with morning and evening meals cause chewing with it helps. I'd use it whenever I was home also. It's ok to use day and night but it does change the speech a lot so it can't really be used in public or at work.

undertow said...

Was your device upper and lower? Possible to post pics of the device? Like to be able to discuss different approaches with my dentist.

thehotavocado said...

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Leslie Wood said...

What is RBTI?? please? my teeth look like yours did. Just had my palatal expander AND braces top and bottom put in. What do you eat? My buildups on the front teeth keep my molars about 3/8" apart. I can't chew anything!

Blue33 said...

Hello, i created this profile just so i could converse with you because what you appear to have done to your teeth i find very impressive.

How are your teeth now? Are they even better, what exactly did you trying to remineralize my teeth even regrow them but i think i have leaky gut so im limited in what i can eat.

I have been taking crushed egg shells, a supplement called liquid gold (contain vitamin k2) and gree pastures fermented cod liver time i will get the cod liver oil with grass fed butter.

I really want my teeth to heal, i would appreciate it if you gave me any tips..i cant think of anything else i want to ask yet.

: )

Thomas DeFinnis said...

I can see a huge difference between the two methods you used to whiten your teeth. Jeez, they have opposing results! I know it’s been a while now, but I’m glad that you decided to change your option. If you think that the first one you chose didn't give satisfying results, it’s better to discontinue it and find others that will fit you.

Thomas DeFinnis

Maryam Seifi said...

I think Thomas has a good point. It’s really not helpful to continue doing things that don’t give you good results. It will only disappoint you. Anyway, you did great on whitening your teeth! Your new diet really did wonders. Don't forget to visit your dentist again for further evaluation. Thanks for sharing!

Maryam Seifi